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Creating an Agency Account

Last updated: 28/05/2015

Create your own Email Marketing Platform with MPZMail

Using the MPZMail Agency Option, you can create your own fully rebranded email marketing solution to offer to your own customers.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Create a free MPZMail Account

  2. Once registered, login to your account

  3. You are now logged in to the MPZ Control Panel.
    On the left menu, click ACCOUNT SETTINGS and then click AGENCY

  4. The first step in setting up your agency account is pointing your domain or sub-domain at the MPZMail servers.
    You can point any domain or subdomain at MPZMail. Many users choose a subdomain such as or similar.

    Once you've chosen a domain or sub-domain enter it into the box provided and click SAVE CHANGES

  5. You will now be directed to some instructions which tell you how to point your domain or sub domain at the MPZMail servers. Follow the instructions and then click continue.

  6. You will now be returned to the main agency control panel page, but now you will have new tabs along the top of the page, allowing you to Change the Look and Feel of the control panel and login page, manage your customers, manage pricing details and finally view your payments and payment history.
  7. On this main page, you can also setup some general settings for your control panel as follows...

    • Agency Site Name
      Enter the name of your control panel or service here. This name will be displayed throughout the site.
    • Customer Service Email
      This email address will be shown on the help and support area, and will be used as the sender email address on any automatically generated emails to your customers (for example change password emails, or new account registration emails)
    • Allow Autoresponders
      Choose wether users can see the auto-responders area.
    • Allow Signup Forms
      Choose wether users can access the signup forms area.

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