MPZ API > Retrieve a Campaign

Use the API to retrieve information about a campaign.


Submit an XML Request with the following details:
Post URL:
Fields to Post
apiKey String REQUIRED The APIKey of the requesting user.
campaignID Int REQUIRED The ID of the campaign to retrieve.


Data Sent Back
error Int Indicates wether an error has occured. 0 for no error. 1 for error.
status String If there's been an error, a text description of the error that occured will be here.
campaignCnt Int The number of campaigns returned
----> campaignID Int The Campaign ID
----> campaignName String The friendly name of the campaign
----> dateCreated Date Time The date the campaign was created.
----> sentFrom String The name the email was sent from.
----> emailFrom String The email address the campaign was sent from.
----> replyTo String The reply to email address
----> subject String The email subject.
----> startDate Date Time The date the campaign is/was scheduled to start.
----> endDate Date Time The date the campaign finished sending.
----> status Int The status of the campaign. 0 = Scheduled, 1 = Queued, 2 = Copying Subscribers, 3 = Sending Campaign, 4 = Complete.
----> groupID Int The ID of the group sent to.
----> totalRecipients Int The total number of recipients who were sent the campaign.
----> opened Int The number of emails read/opened.
----> clicks Int The number of links clicked.
----> unsubscribers Int The number of unsubscribers.
----> bounced Int The number of emails that bounced.
----> newsletterID Int The ID of the newsletter template that was sent.
----> newsletter Base64 The Base 64 encoded HTML source code.
----> totalEmailsSent Int The number of emails sent so far for this campaign. This figure changes as the campaign progresses For campaigns that are currently sending.
----> progressPct Int The percentage of emails that have been sent so far, for campaigns that are currently sending.

Sample request XML


Sample response XML

          <campaignName>Sample Campaign</campaignName>
          <dateCreated>2014-06-01 11:00</dateCreated>
          <sentFrom>Test User</sentFrom>
          <subject>My Sample Campaign</subject>
          <startDate>2014-06-02 12:00</startDate>