MPZ API > Upload Image(s)

Use the API to upload base 64 encoded images for use in newsletters.


Submit an XML Request with the following details:
Post URL:
Fields to Post
apiKey String REQUIRED The APIKey of the requesting user.
---> file XML REQUIRED  
------> fileExtension String REQUIRED The file extension. (PNG,GIF or JPG)
------> base64 String REQUIRED The base 64 encoded image.


Data Sent Back
error Int Indicates wether an error has occured. 0 for no error. 1 for error.
status String If there's been an error, a text description of the error that occured will be here.
totFilesUploaded Int If successful, the number of files that were uploaded.
filesUploaded XML  
---> file XML  
------> shortName String The new file name of the file uploaded.
------> fullPath String The full URL to the new uploaded file.

Sample request XML


Sample response XML