MPZ API > Unsubscribe a Subscriber

Use the API to remove a subscriber from all groups, and unsubscribe them from future mailings.


Submit an XML Request with the following details:
Post URL:
Fields to Post
apiKey String REQUIRED The APIKey of the requesting user.
email String   The email address of the susbcriber you wish to unsubscribe.
subscriberID Int   OR instead of using Email (Above), you can use the subscriber ID of the subscriber you wish to unsubscribe.
groupID Int   Optionally specify the group to remove this subscriber from. If not specified, subscriber will be removed from all groups.
returnAllFields String   Optional. If set to 1, all fields including custom fields are returned in the response. Required a Group ID in the request.


Data Sent Back
error Int Indicates wether an error has occured. 0 for no error. 1 for error.
status String If there's been an error, a text description of the error that occured will be here.

Sample request XML using Subscriber ID


Sample request XML using EMAIL ADDRESS


Sample response XML