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Last updated: 05/11/2015

You can enable your agency customers to purchase email credits and sending plans automatically via your agency control panel.

To enable you to be competitive, our cost price to you is 20% off any of our plan prices.

You can set the percentage you would like to make on top of our cost price by setting the options below.

When a customer purchases, you will automatically be paid your share directly into your PayPal account within 48 hours of the purchase being made.

Here's how to get started...
  1. Click the PRICING tab at the top of your agency control panel
  2. In the enable payments drop dow, select "Customers can buy credits and subscriptions themselves"

  3. The page will refresh and some new options will become available.

    • For PayPal Payments:
      Enter your PayPal address - We will send any payments here
    • For Stripe Payments:
      Click the Connect Button, connect to stripe. Any payments will be sent to your Stripe account, minus MPZMail's cost price.
    • Enter your markup percent - Choose a percentage to add on top of the MPZMail base prices. This percentage will be added when your customers view your Upgrade page, and you will be paid this percentage whenever a user pays.

  4. A complete list of prices is available at the bottom of this page, showing the MPZMail cost price, and the price your customer will pay once your commission has been added.

Viewing Payments

Click on the PAYMENTS tab in the agency control panel to bring up a complete history of payments made by customers, and commission payments paid to you.
You can also download invoice's from this area.

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